Oral Surgery Specialist

Oral Surgery Specialist

Oral Surgery services offered in Fort Wayne and Huntington, IN

Most dental issues, like cavities (tooth decay) and gum disease, improve with conservative and minimally invasive treatments. However, some conditions require intervention with oral surgery. At Marvel Dental, the team performs several types of oral surgery, including root canal therapy, extractions, and periodontal surgery. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office in Fort Wayne and Huntington, Indiana, or book online today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery uses special tools to treat disease or damage affecting your teeth, gums, or jaw. The team at Marvel Dental boasts years of experience performing oral surgery. They administer anesthesia beforehand, ensuring treatment is comfortable and pain-free. 

How do you prepare for oral surgery?

Before recommending oral surgery, your Marvel Dental provider reviews your dental records, asks about your symptoms, and performs an oral exam. They also order digital X-rays to get a closer look at your jaw, tooth roots, and alveolar bone (the bone that anchors your teeth to your jaw). 

Typically, the team at Marvel Dental recommends a conservative and non-invasive treatment approach. If that’s not an option, you may qualify for surgery.

What are the different types of oral surgery?

At Marvel Dental, the team performs several types of oral surgery, including:

Tooth extractions

If you break a permanent tooth or develop a severe cavity and there’s no way to fix the damage with a restoration, your dentist might recommend extractions.

During extraction surgery, your Marvel Dental provider carefully loosens your tooth with a tool, then pulls it from the socket. Afterward, they pack your empty socket with gauze and provide care instructions.

Root canals

A root canal is a type of oral surgery that preserves a damaged or decaying tooth. During treatment, your Marvel Dental provider removes the pulp from the center of your tooth and fills it with a material called gutta-percha. This restores your biting and chewing abilities, preventing the need for an extraction.

Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery treats severe gum disease. If you have gingivitis or periodontitis and it causes your gums to recede, the team at Marvel Dental might recommend gum flap surgery. During gum flap surgery, your dentist takes a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and carefully stitches it over your receding gums. 

After treatment, the tissues fuse together, restoring your gumline.

What is recovery like after oral surgery?

After oral surgery, it’s normal to experience mild swelling, increased sensitivity, and bleeding. Get plenty of rest, take your medications as prescribed, and stay hydrated. Most people return to work within 24-48 hours, but you might need to eat soft foods, like soup, mashed potatoes, or scrambled eggs, for several days until your mouth heals. 

If you have questions during your recovery, contact the team at Marvel Dental at any time.

To see if you’re a candidate for oral surgery, schedule an appointment at Marvel Dental by calling the nearest office or booking online today.