Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening services offered in Fort Wayne and Huntington, IN

Teeth whitening treatments quickly eliminate stains from tobacco, coffee, and aging. At Marvel Dental in Fort Wayne and Huntington, Indiana, the team of experienced cosmetic dentists offers in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening trays. The results of teeth whitening last for several months and can help you smile more confidently. Call the nearest Marvel Dental office today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment, or book your visit online. 

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Can teeth whitening make my smile less yellow?

Yes. Professional in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening trays provide a safe and effective way to remove stains and yellowing caused by general wear-and-tear, poor oral hygiene, and habits like smoking and drinking dark beverages. 

The Marvel Dental team uses medical-grade whitening solutions that oxidize the discolored molecules inside your tooth enamel, making your smile brighter. 

Will I benefit from teeth whitening treatment if I don’t smoke or drink coffee?

Yes. Teeth whitening addresses several types of tooth discoloration, including age-related yellowing. Biting and chewing cause your tooth enamel to wear down, showing more of the yellow dentin underneath. 

Professional teeth whitening also minimizes stains caused by:

  • Using tobacco
  • Drinking beverages like coffee, black tea, and red wine
  • Eating certain foods, like berries or tomato-based sauces and curries
  • Taking medication with tetracycline

Your oral hygiene may also contribute. For example, you’re more likely to have tooth discoloration if you don’t regularly brush and floss.

Are there different types of teeth whitening?

The Marvel Dental team offers several types of teeth whitening treatments, including:

Professional in-office teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening makes your smile up to eight shades lighter* in less than an hour. 

During treatment, your dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide gel to the surfaces of your teeth. After the gel sits for 15-20 minutes, they point an ultraviolet light at them, causing a bleaching reaction.

Your dentist repeats the same steps two or three more times until you’re pleased with the final result. 

Take-home teeth whitening trays

If you want to whiten your teeth over several weeks, the team prescribes take-home teeth whitening trays. Teeth whitening trays look similar to sports mouthguards. You fill them with a hydrogen peroxide gel and wear them for a few hours every day.

Take-home teeth whitening takes longer than in-office whitening, but the results are just as effective.

Are the results of teeth whitening long-lasting?

Professional teeth whitening results usually last three or four months, but it’s possible to extend them by practicing good oral hygiene. 

The Marvel Dental team recommends brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, and drinking beverages like coffee and soda with a straw. If you use tobacco, try to quit. Likewise, visit the dentist for routine checkups and cleanings.

Call the nearest Marvel Dental office to schedule a teeth whitening consultation, or book your appointment online today.

*Results may vary.