Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction services offered in Fort Wayne and Huntington, IN

Most cavities and oral injuries respond to conservative treatments. But a tooth extraction might be necessary if you have a severe cavity or a loose tooth. At Marvel Dental in Fort Wayne and Huntington, Indiana, the team of experienced dentists offers simple and surgical tooth extractions. After an oral exam and X-rays, they can make personalized treatment recommendations to prevent the problem from worsening. Call the nearest Marvel Dental office to schedule a tooth extraction appointment, or book your visit online today. 

Tooth Extraction Q&A

Is a tooth extraction the only way to treat a severe toothache?

It depends. If your toothache is due to infected tooth pulp, you might be a candidate for a root canal. However, extraction is likely the best approach if the infection extends beneath your gum line or causes other, more serious problems.

The Marvel Dental team only recommends tooth extractions after exhausting all other, less invasive treatment options.

What are some of the oral health problems that benefit from tooth extractions?

The Marvel Dental team tries to save permanent teeth whenever possible. But in some situations, restorative options, like dental fillings, crowns, and bridges, aren’t enough to fix the problem. 

Your provider might recommend a tooth extraction if you’ve been diagnosed with:

  • Severe gum disease
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Impacted teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Loose teeth or other dental injuries

Sometimes, extractions are necessary to prepare for other medical procedures. For example, tooth extractions can reduce the risk of infection if you’re preparing to undergo an organ transplant.

Is there more than one type of tooth extraction?

Yes. The Marvel Dental team offers two types of tooth extractions, including:

Simple extractions

Simple extractions pull a tooth from its socket. During treatment, your dentist numbs your mouth with an anesthetic and uses handheld tools to loosen it. Once your tooth is loose, your provider uses forceps to carefully remove it. Then, they fill the socket with gauze and provide recovery instructions.

Surgical extractions

Surgical extractions remove impacted wisdom teeth that cannot break through your gum line. Your Marvel Dental provider administers a local anesthetic and makes small incisions along your gum line to access the impacted tooth. They split the tooth into several small pieces and use forceps to remove them.

Afterward, your dentist rinses and cleans out the empty tooth socket, stitches your gums, and provides recovery instructions.

What is recovery like after a tooth extraction?

After a tooth extraction, it’s normal to have mild swelling, bleeding, and general discomfort. During the first few days, get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and take any pain medication or antibiotics as prescribed. Your mouth should feel relatively normal within 24-48 hours, but you might need to eat soft foods or avoid biting down on the empty socket for at least a week.

Call the nearest Marvel Dental office to schedule a tooth extraction consultation, or book your appointment online today.